What the Heck Is a Wash Sale?

Investing has become much more accessible since Robinhood became a thing.  But do you know what a wash sale is and how it will impact your tax return? You have a stock, it dips, and you sell it thinking “Hey, I can use this loss on my tax return AND buy XYZ back at a […]

Are Gains on Cryptocurrency Taxable?

The short answer to this question is: of course!  As cryptocurrency has become a more popular investment vehicle among younger investors, this is a good question and one that is getting more attention from the IRS. Buying and selling crypto, just like buying and selling a share of Tesla, is taxed as a capital gain.  […]

PPP Forgiveness – Timing and Deadlines

If your business received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds as part of the COVID-19 pandemic and you still have not applied for or received forgiveness, you may be wondering about the deadline and/or next steps.  While some banks may be pressuring you to apply for forgiveness right away, or you are feeling stressed because you […]